Happy Easter!

Hello! Happy weekend! I know Easter was last weekend but I haven’t shown you my Easter outfit, so I will do it in this post. Me and my family went to the church in the morning. And after that we had a really delicious breakfast. And we had the best cake I’ve ever made. It … More Happy Easter!

Let’s celebrate!

Hey! Happy Easter everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I will post my Easter day outfit a little bit later because I haven’t imported those photos to my computer. In this post I will show what I wore the last weekend. So last weekend I was visiting my cousin. She has turned 18th! … More Let’s celebrate!

A night out

Hello ! Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a great and exciting weekend. And of course good luck with surviving Monday tomorrow! My parents went on a trip to England and Italy. And they’re finally back! They had so much fun there and loved it! And they brought me so many gifts and souvenirs from … More A night out

Windy beach day

Hello! Happy 8th of March, beautifuls ! We can finally feel spring in Lithuania! It was really sunny and beautiful outside today. So I went to this place next to the beach. It was really nice there and people were enjoying the weather. After that I had lunch with my family and took a walk around our … More Windy beach day


Hello! I can finally feel spring coming! Even though the temperature is still really low here but the days are getting longer, it’s usually bright outside when I wake up and birds are coming again. I seriously can’t wait for the real spring! It was pretty warm but windy this weekend so I decided to … More Fur&leather

A jungle

Hello! Happy Independence Day to all Lithuanians! I hope you had a wonderful day! And I’m back with another fun post! I spent this weekend with my lovely cousin. Instead of sitting at home all day and doing basically nothing, we decided to do something more productive. We went to the most amazing place in … More A jungle

A pop of colour

Hey!I finally feel a little better. Yay! I’m really happy about that because I can do things I like without feeling awful and thinking about my bed. By the end of this week I will probably feel awesome as usual! My cousin visited me this weekend. So we went for a walk in a beautiful … More A pop of colour


Hello everyone! It’s officially 2015 everywhere in the world. So happy New Year! I really hope this year will be full of amazing adventures and surprises for you. Actually 2014 was the best year of my life! I went to so many wonderful countries and places, have done unforgetable things, had an amazing birthday, met so … More Christmas