US Virgin Islands

Hello! My laptop is finally fixed and it means that I’m back with another traveling post! This time I will talk about our first stop while traveling with MSC Divina. It was US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas. I have already uploaded a new video about this amazing place, you can check it out: As I … More US Virgin Islands

Downtown Miami

Hello! I’m back with another post about Miami! This time I will talk only about Miami not Miami beach. So, if you would like to find out more about my trip, you can check out my new video: . MSC Divina comes back to Miami every Saturday and since we were travelling with that cruise ship … More Downtown Miami


Hello! Happy New Year everybody! 2016 will definitely be an amazing year. I hope that all of you will step out of your comfort zone and do things that you have always wanted to do, have loads of adventures and of course, I really hope that you will travel as much as possible! I’ve already uploaded … More Everglades

Cosy outfit

Hey! Can you believe that December is almost here?! Me neither. That Christmas season is coming so quickly, it’s crazy! But another thing that I can’t believe is that I’m leaving in 6 days! I’m so excited! Everything is almost packed, all flights and hotels are booked and the mood is getting better and better … More Cosy outfit

Sweater weather

Hello! What’s up? I’m sorry for not posting anything last weekend. I’ve been really busy with school work and I’m having many tests this week. I have to do some extra things because I might be going to USA next month. Since it’s autumn everybody gets obsessed with sweaters. To be honest “Sweater weather” is … More Sweater weather

Leaves everywhere

Hello! Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it and happy November everyone! I still can’t believe that it’s the last month of autumn and the coldest season is coming. But I really hope that this month will be amazing and full of happiness. Sorry for not posting anything yesterday, I was at my friend’s house, … More Leaves everywhere

Warm autumn day

Heyy! It’s finally weekend and it means a new post from me! I don’t know if it’s exciting for you or not but I get really excited when I finally have a chance sit down in a comfy spot and write a new blog post. For some kind of reason updating my blog puts me … More Warm autumn day

Summer wedding

Heyy, happy Saturday my readers! How’s it going? I’m really glad that the weekend is finally here! I had a really difficult week, full of tests and stress. But now I can finally chill in my bed, drink tea and read books. It’s a perfect evening for me since I’m not a party person. This … More Summer wedding


Hello, happy October everyone! My new video from this trip: This is probably the last post about my latest trip to Greece, Rhodes Island. But I think this post will be the most interesting one. Because I will talk about such an incredible place called Lindos. Lindos (Greek: Λίνδος) is an archaeological site. It lies on the … More Lindos