Leaving Paris

Hello! Sorry for such a late post. I’ve been really busy this week, so I didn’t have time to write a post. But I’m finally at home, drinking some tea and writing this post. And it’s the last post about Paris because we stayed there only for three days and I have already done two … More Leaving Paris

The city of love

Hey! This is another post about my trip to France. I will tell you about my second day there.  I will do the last post about France next time because the 3rd day was our last day. I hope you will like it ! Of course everything  started in the early morning. I woke up … More The city of love

Bonjour, Paris!

Hey!I just came back from Paris! I had 24 hour long road trip back home. So I’m really exhausted, but I was so excited to write this post and that’s  what I’m doing right now. I spent almost 3 days there. So I will do 3 post about each day. It was seriously incredible! I … More Bonjour, Paris!