Current favorites

Hello! I really miss writing blogs and talking to my lovely readers. And I finally found some time to update my blog! I took a final English exam yesterday and I still have 3 final exams left. After my finals I will be posting really often! I hope you will wait till my finals are … More Current favorites

Flowers in my hair

Hello my lovely readers! How’s your day going? Mine is really awesome but it’s coming to the end. But I had so much fun today and I enjoyed this rare sunny day in Lithuania. And it’s the last day of Spring. I’m actually a little bit glad that it’s over because I’ve finally finished school … More Flowers in my hair

Japanese garden

Heyy! How’s everybody? I’m still struggling with school because the school year is coming to the end. So we have to take all those finals, tests, projects and etc. But summer is coming and I’m soooo excited for that! I think I will be traveling a lot this year (I really hope so). And I … More Japanese garden

The Sun is out

Hello! I’m really sorry for not posting anything last week. I’ve been really busy with school this past month. I’m even writing this post on my breaks between classes Also, I just came back from the hospital because I had some problems with my health. But when school year will be over, I promise to … More The Sun is out

Happy Easter!

Hello! Happy weekend! I know Easter was last weekend but I haven’t shown you my Easter outfit, so I will do it in this post. Me and my family went to the church in the morning. And after that we had a really delicious breakfast. And we had the best cake I’ve ever made. It … More Happy Easter!

Let’s celebrate!

Hey! Happy Easter everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I will post my Easter day outfit a little bit later because I haven’t imported those photos to my computer. In this post I will show what I wore the last weekend. So last weekend I was visiting my cousin. She has turned 18th! … More Let’s celebrate!

A night out

Hello ! Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a great and exciting weekend. And of course good luck with surviving Monday tomorrow! My parents went on a trip to England and Italy. And they’re finally back! They had so much fun there and loved it! And they brought me so many gifts and souvenirs from … More A night out

Windy beach day

Hello! Happy 8th of March, beautifuls ! We can finally feel spring in Lithuania! It was really sunny and beautiful outside today. So I went to this place next to the beach. It was really nice there and people were enjoying the weather. After that I had lunch with my family and took a walk around our … More Windy beach day