The end of summer

Hello! Check out my new video about my latest trip : As I’ve promised I’m back with another post about traveling! This time I will talk about my recent trip to Greece, Rhodes island. The story starts in the middle of August when me and my brother were talking about the new school year. After … More The end of summer

Hello September!

Heyy! Happy September everyone! And yea it means that summer is over. That’s pretty sad for me because we have really really cold winters in Lithuania. Also for some of us September means a start of school year. If you have started going to school, college or university, good luck with all the studies. I … More Hello September!

Exploring the city

Hey! Happy Monday! Yea it’s still a happy Monday since it’s summer. But there are only two Mondays left till the end of this summer. So we should try to make the most out of this week! My video from my latest trip : If you’re a traveler, you probably know how does it feel … More Exploring the city

A city full of flowers

Hello my readers! Thank you for reading and liking my traveling posts! And yea it’s another post about my latest trip. You can check out my video about it on YouTube: . This time I will talk about one of my favorite cities in Holland and that city is Roermond. It’s seriously amazing! And it has … More A city full of flowers

Pool day

Hello! (Video from my trip to Germany : As I’ve promised I will tell you all those details about my latest trip. This time I chose to write about a really fun day at the pool. As you might or might not know I spent a lot of time in Oberhausen,Germany. And this city has … More Pool day

Unexpected trip

Heyyy! Happy August! I hope this month will be the best month of this summer for you! (New video : ) Guess which country I went to again? Yea, it’s Germany! It was such an unexpected trip but like always I had loads of fun ! I stayed there for a week in Duisburg but most … More Unexpected trip

Day in Berlin

Heyyy! Thank you so much for reading posts about my trip to Germany! I appreciate that! And this post will be the last one about Germany. But I might go there again next month and there will be more news about this lovely country ! My video about Germany : This time I will tell … More Day in Berlin

Night life in Berlin

Hello! How’s your summer going? Mine is pretty good, but looking at the weather I wouldn’t say that it’s summer in Lithuania, since it has been raining every day and we usually still have to wear our coats and sweaters. But this post isn’t about our upsetting weather, it’s another post about Germany! Yayy! If … More Night life in Berlin