The Sun is out



I’m really sorry for not posting anything last week. I’ve been really busy with school this past month. I’m even writing this post on my breaks between classes Also, I just came back from the hospital because I had some problems with my health. But when school year will be over, I promise to post more than usual. I will have more time for it and the weather will get better (hopefully), so I will be able to take some cool photos outside. I already have sooo many blog ideas. I’m really excited for that!

In this post I will show you what I was wearing last weekend. I had so much fun with my family and we have done a lot of things since the weather was really great. It was sunny and pretty warm. We went to a wonderful park, beach and the best part was a dolphinarium! I used to go there when I was a little girl and I still enjoy watching those amazing shows. I could watch them over and over again because seeing dolphins makes me really happy and puts me in a good mood.

I hope you will like my outfit and photos. I will try to post something next week. Thank you for reading!


IMG_4869 IMG_4875 IMG_4870 IMG_4874 IMG_4872 IMG_4876 IMG_4878 IMG_4880 IMG_4871 IMG_4881 IMG_4877 IMG_4882 IMG_4883 IMG_4889 IMG_4887 IMG_4885 IMG_4890 IMG_4888 IMG_4886 IMG_4891 IMG_4895 IMG_4898 IMG_4894 IMG_4893 IMG_4897 IMG_4892 IMG_4896 IMG_4899 IMG_4901 IMG_4905 IMG_4884

  • Pants – H&M
  • Shoes – high top leather Converse
  • Shirt – H&M
  • Bag – House
  • Jacket –
  • Sunglasses – Sinsay
  • Ring – Next
  • Bracelet – local silver store
  • Gold necklace – was a gift


22 thoughts on “The Sun is out

  1. I love the jacket! Aztec prints are really in for summer 🙂 I liked the jacket underneath it too, the leather sleeves really make a difference. Lovely post! And don’t worry, we’ll be waiting to hear more from you as soon as you’re ready to share some more ^^ School is important and I think we all know this, so no worries!

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