Exploring the city

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Hey! Happy Monday! Yea it’s still a happy Monday since it’s summer. But there are only two Mondays left till the end of this summer. So we should try to make the most out of this week!
My video from my latest trip : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZPpNw71488

If you’re a traveler, you probably know how does it feel to be walking all day and exploring new places. Well, we were doing that in +40C degrees heat. It was really exhausting but interesting. We were walking around in a city called Oberhausen in Germany. It feels like that city is already my second home. When we were visiting Oberhausen, we were going to only a few parts of it but this time we decided to see everything! We have done and seen everything possible there. Oberhausen has many parks, churches and a beautiful old town. My favorite place there is “Kaisergarten”. It’s one of the most popular destinations in Oberhausen. It’s a huge and wonderful park. Even boats and cruisers regularly stop here for excursions at the landing on the Rhine-Herne Canal, which is close to the bridge „Rehberger-Brücke“. Kaisergarten has many playgrounds for kids and places for picnics. Kaisergarten includes miniature golf and archery as well. It also has a mini zoo.  And it doesn’t cost anything to enter! I really love that place. If you will ever visit Oberhausen, you need to go there!
And our day ended in Starbucks. Like always. It was sooo hot, so we were dreaming about cold drinks and ‘Cool lime refresher’ sounded perfect. So we got some drinks, found our train and came back to our apartment.
You can check out my video from this trip on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZPpNw71488
I hope you will like this post, the video and some photos. Thank you for reading!

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  • Romper – NewYorker
  • Shoes – H&M
  • Necklace – H&M
  • Bag – Sinsay
  • Sunglasses – Primark
  • Watch and bracelet – eBay


22 thoughts on “Exploring the city

  1. The name of your blog, Traveling Fashionista, truly suits you. I love your romper outfit and you took beautiful pictures in your travels. Awesome blog. Thanks for sharing.

    Love, Gly

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