The perfect wedding dress from COCOMELODY


Hello, my readers!
This post is not about travelling because my laptop is broken and I’m using my brother’s computer, so it means I don’t have any photos or videos here. But I have a fun post for girls who like special occasions.
My mum’s friend is getting married this spring and it’s so exciting! We are helping her with choosing a wedding dress. And it’s actually really stressful, especially for the bride. I got introduced to a store called “Cocomelody“. It’s an amazing store for wedding dresses. It has every kind of dress you can imagine. They have long and short dresses, dresses with a lot of details like lace and all of them are made my incredible designers.
Today I will show you, 2 collections that I really liked.
The first one is “Beach wedding dresses“. If you’re getting married somewhere where it’s hot, at the beach, you probably want a great dress for a weather like this. I think you will find a cute dress from this collection. For example:


Some women want to be really trendy during their wedding. They also have an option for them. They a lot of 2016 wedding dresses . Most of them include a lot of lace and other cute detailing. All of them are really unique and special. I think every bride would find a dress for her from this collection because they have so many different options. For example:


If you’re interested in buying these dresses, they have a discount code for you! Use code: “wedding15” and get $15 off! If you’re searching for a wedding dress, it’s a really great deal for you!

I hope this post will be useful for you! Thank you for reading!


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