Leaves everywhere

IMG_6103 (Copy 1)

Hello! Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it and happy November everyone! I still can’t believe that it’s the last month of autumn and the coldest season is coming. But I really hope that this month will be amazing and full of happiness.
Sorry for not posting anything yesterday, I was at my friend’s house, so I didn’t have a chance to update my blog. And of course I’m doing it today. I’m not that late actually!

It’s my third autumn inspired outfit. This time I chose my favorite clothing colour- black. Yea, it’s all black outfit this time. And I usually wear black clothes on a daily basis. It just feels like it suits me the best and I feel the most comfortable wearing a black skirt or dress. And since I can’t imagine autumn without cute coats, I’m showing you a new one! It’s probably the warmest one of all those 3 that I’ve shown you before. I actually got it about 2 weeks ago, so it’s new. And of course I’m with skirt again. And I paired it with a cute shirt with white details. I’m wearing the same shoes as I wore in my last (“Floppy hat means autumn“).

My favorite part about these photos is the nature around me. I love when our park is full of colourful leaves. I can’t go a day without going to this park at least for a few minutes. I love those warm, sunny autumn days when you can spend hours and hours walking around and enjoying the nature.

I hope you will enjoy reading this post. Have a good week!


IMG_6099 (Copy 1) IMG_6096 (Copy 1) IMG_6092 (Copy 1) IMG_6094 (Copy 1) IMG_6089 (Copy 1) IMG_6097 (Copy 1) IMG_6101 (Copy 1) IMG_6093 (Copy 1) IMG_6077 (Copy 1) IMG_6087 (Copy 1) IMG_6084 (Copy 1) IMG_6118 (Copy 1) IMG_6110 (Copy 1) IMG_6108 (Copy 1) IMG_6107 (Copy 1) IMG_6106 (Copy 1)

  • Coat – Berhska
  • Shoes –Β  Luciana de Luca
  • Skirt – House
  • Shirt – Sinsay
  • Earings – Sidabra
  • Necklace – illusion.lt


33 thoughts on “Leaves everywhere

      1. sorry I should have written in english ! I said that I love the leaves and that you looked good with that background πŸ™‚

  1. The location is beautiful! Love the photos of you playing with the leaves! Its perfectly fall. I am obsessed with your necklace, it was the first thing i spotted! It looks amazing in this all black ensemble, which is also perfect because black is perfect. Beautiful outfit & photos as always! I hope you had an amazing weekend! Happy November! β™₯🌻

  2. Beautiful! I love fall. Sadly in Edmonton all the leaves have fallen and it’s starting to snow!

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