Miami beach, South beach

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Heyyy! Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! I hope you had an amazing day with the most important people in your life.
And guess who’s back ?!? It’s obviously me! It’s crazy to think that I haven’t posted anything for a month. It’s actually pretty unsual for me, I think. I was traveling for 3 weeks! How awesome is that ?! I still can’t believe that I had a chance to visit so many amazing places in North America.
Everything started in Lithuania, of course. We went to Poland by car to the airport and it took us about 13 hours (because we had to do some things on our way). Then we had a flight from Warsaw to Frankfurt. It was a really short flight, a little more than a hour. When we got there, we only had 1 hour till our next flight. So it was stressful because that airport is huge! But luckily everything was alright and we got there on time. Our next flight was from Franfurt to Miami. I think it was 11 hour flight. Actually it wasn’t that bad as we thought it would be. We chose Lufhansa for this trip. And that plane had everything you need. Pillows, blankets, food, drinks, tvs with many new movies, music albums and games. After travelling for the whole day, we reached Miami! And this is where all the fun started.
I’ve never seen so many huge buildings and skyscrapers in one place. It just amazed me! Actually we didn’t stay in Miami but spent those 3 days in Miami beach. We chose a really nice hotel with a pool and a beautiful beach. I don’t really remember but I think we live on 14th floor, so the view from our window was amazing! Imagine waking up every morning and seeing Atlantic Ocean. The most difficult thing since we arrived as getting used to new time. The time difference is 7 hours. For example at 5am I would be already wide awake.
In the mornings we were spending our time swimming in the pool or ocean and sunbathing. After relaxing mornings we were exploring the city. We walked about 20-25 kilometeres every single day, so our legs are still full of blisters. But it was definitely worth it! There was a thing called ‘Art-Miami’ happening. So they had so many interesting art related things to see. Of course, mostly everything is happening in the evening or even night. And the city looks way better during the night, full of lights and people.
Also, we went to the South beach, it’s really beautiful too. We went to one cafe to get those huge drinks. It also had live music playing, so it’s always a plus. The whole South beach is full of music and dancing people. While we were going back to our hotel, it started raining, so we came back soaking wet because it took us more than 1 hour to come back to Miami beach.
You can actually see everything in my new video:
You can also subscribe because I will be uploading so many videos next month. And I will post lots of posts more about Miami, Everglades and the best thing- cruise ship!
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I also want to mention the new bracelets I got before this trip from ‘Moni details‘. There are 4 bracelets and all of them are really different so 4 bracelets were enough to match all my outfits. They are unique and the best thing about it is that they are handmade. You should check them out : !
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Thank you for reading! I hope you will like it!


  • White shirt – Forever21
  • Black&White kimono – H&M
  • Black shorts – Sinsay
  • Black sandals – H&M
  • Backpack- Pull&Bear
  • Denim dress – Boohoo
  • White sneakers – H&M
  • Bikini – H&M
  • High wasted shorts – Mango
  • Crop top – H&M
  • Black shoes – Converse
  • Grey Shirt – Sinsay
  • Sunglasses – Hunkenmoller


40 thoughts on “Miami beach, South beach

  1. Such lovely photos. They totally evoke your chill vibes from your trip! The skyscrapers are crazy, even though I was born & raised in NY the buildings always amaze me. Love the handmade bracelets. ❤ Hope you had a happy holiday! ❤

  2. It looks great. I’ve been there many times and know many of the places in your photos and video. You did a great job showing the area. You look very happy there. Cheers! Happy New Year!

  3. So beautiful pictures!!! I also love your bracelets.
    Glad that you had such a wonderful time in Miami. It is definitely also on my bucket list. But before I will go there, I plan to visit my uncle and aunt in LA next year. Never been there before, but can’t wait to go.

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