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Hello! Happy New Year everybody! 2016 will definitely be an amazing year. I hope that all of you will step out of your comfort zone and do things that you have always wanted to do, have loads of adventures and of course, I really hope that you will travel as much as possible!

I’ve already uploaded a video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4HOOitBZqA) from my latest trip, so you can watch it, if you want to see some more things about these places.

This post will be shorter than my usual posts because it is aboutone place where I spent only 2 hours. And that place is called “Everglades alligator farm”. The first thing you notice there is the nature. You feel like you’re in a jungle, it’s worth going there only for that! It’s basically impossible to find something like that in Europe. The most imporant thing there is alligators. Everglades Alligator Farm contains more than 2,000 alligators! Since that place is huge, they have a lot of space to live in. It was pretty difficult to see them while we were going with an airboat. And it’s another that liked there the airboat ride. It was so fun since it was my first time doing it! And we saw one big alligator and some little ones. And the best part was when I had a chance to hold an alligator!! Can you imagine how scary it was? But I did it! I had such an amazing experience there. You should visit this farm too!
You can see how everything looks like there from my photos. I hope you will like it. Thank you for reading!

IMG_6464 (Copy 1)IMG_6508 (Copy 1)IMG_6450 (Copy 1)IMG_6468 (Copy 1)IMG_6472 (Copy 1)IMG_6514 (Copy 1)IMG_6454 (Copy 1)IMG_6459 (Copy 1)20151204_151411 (Copy 1)20151204_143549 (Copy 1)IMG_6482 (Copy 1)IMG_6485 (Copy 1)IMG_6528 (Copy 1)


  • Shorts – Sinsay
  • Shirt – Sinsay
  • Shoes – H&M
  • Kimono – Colosseum
  • Bracelet – facebook.com/moni.details
  • Neclace – local shop in Norway
  • Earrings – Primark



49 thoughts on “Everglades

  1. Great shots! The Everglades are such fun. And a bit scary…we saw alligators from our car…and our bicycles. We did not kiss them though – You are more daring than us.

  2. Ahahah, I visited the Everglades in 2010 and I have the same pictures ^^ The one where you hold the baby crocodile and with the two “fakes” ones 😀

  3. Greetings Akviilee!

    Wow! What a fascinating place your blog is! I love it! There is so much to see. Truly, you are Miss Globetrotter Extraordinaire! I love your charge to us—to do something different in this fabulous new year, leave the comfort zone behind and TRAVEL! Oh my goodness, I intend to do just that…or rather…all of the above. And you are truly brave. BRAVO! Not very people I know would have shown an alligator love!

    It’s already early morning where I am, as I’m nocturnal and get much of my work done in the lovely serenity of the night and morning, but I want to treat myself to a Birthday Tour around more of your blog. Yes, it’s the morning of my birthday. Feliz Cumpleanos a mi! 😀 Don’t want to sleep all day. Though it’s chilly, I love the sun!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I’ll visit again soon.


  4. I grew up in Florida…the Everglades, the sun, and the breezy way of life is so wonderful there. Ah you got me homesick 🙂 Pretty pics! I remember once I a elementary school field trip we visited a gator research spot. Memories.

  5. Can you put me in your bag whenever you travel, I wouldn’t mind even if it was uncomfortable.:) your pictures are amazing

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