As I have promised in my last post, I am going to tell everything about my trip to Monaco. It is not going to be a long post because we spent only one day in Monaco but somehow me manage to visit all the main places in Monaco.

The best way to visit Monaco while saving money is to stay in France, cities that are close to Monaco. For example, me and my family were staying in Nice and took a bus to Monaco which was only a few euros. Since Monaco is a really tiny country, you can walk to most of the famous places. That is what we did. We spent the entire day exploring Monaco and  went to the beach before we took our bus back to Nice.

The most famous place in Monaco is Monte-Carlo and that is where we started our trip. Our bus dropped us off in Monte-Carlo. One of the first places we visited was Monaco Harbor which is also called Port de la Condamine. It is a perfect place if you just want to take a walk and have lunch or coffee with a beautiful view. There is a place not that far from the harbor called Jardin Japonais which is a Japanese garden and it was one of my favourite places. It has lots of Japanese style trees, flowers, ponds and a waterfall. It was a great place to visit before going to Japan, it made me even more excited to move to Japan.


After visiting Jardin Japonais we started walking towards the Rock of Monaco. It took us a while to get there since it was about 40 degrees and all the way was up hill but it was definitely worth it. The Rock of Monaco is a perfect place to see the entire The Port de Fontvieille. The view is amazing! You are just surrounded by hills and you can see lots of yachts and incredibly clear water. The Rock of Monaco is also known as Monaco-Ville. It is the oldest part of the country and it is full of history and beautiful views. In Monaco-Ville you can also find places like the Prince’s Palace, St. Martin’s Gardens and the Oceanographic Museum . I would recommend visiting the Prince’s Palace. One of the most beautiful buildings in the area.

After exploring all the amazing places, we wanted to see the “fancy” side of the country, so we went to the richest neighbourhood where the Monte Carlo Casino. Just the outside of the casino is worth seeing. It is covered in gold, lots of palm trees and fountains and the most expensive cars everywhere. If you want to go to the casino and actually play there is a certain type of dress code and you have to pay an admission fee.

Our last stop was Larvotto Beach. It is the only beach in Monaco but it one of the most impressive beaches I have been to because it is in the middle of the city. When you are swimming in the city you are surrounded by tall buildings. The water was really warm and clear but it was refreshing at the same time. This beach is a good idea after a long day of walking around.

I shouldn’t be too busy with my studies this month, so I will try to post as much as possible. Thank you so much for reading!


  • Shorts- H&M
  • Crop top- small boutique in Malaga
  • Shoes- Nike
  • Backpack- small boutique in Malaga
  • Bracelet- Tenerife


26 thoughts on “Monaco

  1. Happy summer, Akvile. Pictures from Monaco look beautiful. That’s crazy that you have to pay a fee at the Casino. No body would go to the casinos here in the United States if they charged a fee and they’d lose money.

  2. Absolutely amazing! So beautiful 😍 Ah Monte Carlo! That looks amazing they all do but I’ve heard about that place before glad you got to go see all those places and enjoyed yourself love! Thanks for sharing!💕💋 NicoleKristine

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