Fun in the desert


Hey! It will be my another post about my trip to Egypt. So this post is about our adventure in the desert. Hope you will like it!

One evening we decided to go on a Safari. And it was really amazing because we went there while the sun was setting. So the sun was really beautiful, when you looked to the one side you could see the desert and on the other side huge mountains. You can imagine how amazing it looked like. And of course the weather was really nice. In the middle of this trip we stopped at the place where bedouins live and had some tea there. We also took some cool photos.

As you can see I had so much there. And I hope you will these photos. Have a good day/night!
IMG_3908 IMG_3910 IMG_3939 IMG_3930 IMG_3904 IMG_3924 IMG_3928 IMG_3901 IMG_3940 IMG_0755


  • Shirt – Forever21
  • Shorts- Sinsay
  • Bandeu – H&M
  • Sunglasses – Sinsay
  • Scarf – from Egypt
  • Shoes – Oldnavy


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